Computer laptop technology that is revolutionary and exciting. How AMD is changing the laptop market, with a few good Intel laptops thrown in. The list below lists some AMD laptops with possible configurations available with CPUs, GPU and memory and storage. Good luck finding any of the AMD laptops though, even though it has been more than six months since the pandemic began, and almost a year since the announcement of the 4000 series AMD chips. With Intel pushing hard on OEM manufacturers to only sell Intel higher quality Intel laptops and leave the bad screens and slower GPUs for AMD laptops, AMD laptop seekers have an uphill battle, not helped by the fact that AMD laptops, even with lowered accoutrements, are selling like hotcakes and therefore out-of-stock and hard to find anywhere. Enjoy the list below of AMD laptops and hope that one day Intel will lose its grip and AMD will be able get its Renoir 4000 CPUs to the market in larger numbers.

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